Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Driving Lesson

I had my first driving lesson today. Well actually my first two lessons as it was a two hour session. Didn't know to expect at all- I knew that driving a car would be involved in some capacity but that was about it!
My driving instructor Jim had been highly recommended by a friend of mine who has had many a lesson with him. I gave him a call on Monday and arranged a lesson for today (Wednesday).

So I met Jim at the filling station opposite my apartment building as we'd agreed. It was spilling rain which probably wasn't ideal for a first time on the road but not much could be done about that. I hopped in the passenger seat, we shook hands, he asked me what level I was at, I said 'utter beginner' (best to keep expectations low. No room for bravado here!). He brought me to some quiet small roads to start. I learned about the controls in the car from the clutch to the indicators, the handbrake to the accelerator. And off we went from there!
No seriously, OFF WE WENT! When he pulled out of the filling station at the start of the lesson he told me I'd be driving us home. I thought he was JOKING. Well he wasn't joking it turns out. Madness! Before too long I was driving in the city. In the rain. With a disgusting amount of traffic.
I conked about five times and Jim had to brake for me once when a stupid kid cycled right into the road but overall I didn't do too badly. It was a little nerve-wracking, but also exhilarating and hugely confidence-building.
So anyway, I'm far from being a pro but it's great to get started all the same. Have booked another lesson for next week. Anticipating it already!

Is it too early to yearn for this?

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