Friday, September 14, 2012

Vroom vroom BEEP BEEP!

So the time has come, I am finally going to learn to drive.

This is something I should have (and WISH I had) done when I was 17, but alas, seven years later here I go! I passed my theory test, I got my eye test report today (not blind) and now I just have to bring these documents to my local motor tax office and get my Learner's Permit. I have no idea where my 'local motor tax office' might be. I'll have to employ the services of Ms. Google later. Once I have a Learner Permit, I can start to get driving lessons and that is where the fun* starts.


I'm both looking forward to and dreading my first driving lesson. I'm sure I'll be nervous. I mean, do they make you go out on the road on your first lesson? If so, how safe can that be? Do they KNOW what I'm like?! I might panic and do something really stupid. I'm a total beginner when it comes to driving. My Dad took me out to drive in an empty carpark a few times about two years ago but anything I twigged about driving back then is long lost. I just wish I could skip the 'learning' bit of driving and jump straight to the 'Woohoo! I can drive! What kind of car do I want?' bit.

I have to wait a minimum of 6 months after I get my Learner Permit or Provisional Licence before I can apply for my driving test. By my watch, that means I can apply for the test in April so I might be able to do it before I go to Australia. And zat, friends, would be ideal.
Wish me luck on the road!

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