Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I lucked out when I accepted my place in DN004 in UCD in 2006. Radiography that is (radiation technologist, x-ray technician, glorified button-pusher...d) a worm). The internet says I am 'responsible for producing high quality images to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.' In reality what I mainly do is ask "is it 5 o'clock yet?", try not to spill radiation or laugh at patients who say stupid things (much restraint is needed here).
I lucked out because I got a well paid job straight out of college, a job that is challenging and engaging and that lets me work pretty much anywhere in the world. Even in the shittiest of economies, doctors will always need them pretty pictures. Enter radiographer. 
It'll also be relatively straightforward when I apply to work in the UK in a year or so. Once my application to the Health Professionals Council is accepted (this can reportedly take 4-6 months though :-(), I can work as a locum in London for as long as I want and maybe get something more permanent down the line if things are going well. 
Current plan: 
- get more training and bulk up CV
- get HPC registered
- find a job in London
- see how that goes
- consider Australia
Ok so now I've written it down it seems achievable right? Yes.

Greeks just wanna have fun

I've been on holiday to Greece. I hate how 'past tense' that is. It was fantastic. It was my second time in Greece, the first was 2 years when I spent 3 months studying in Athens. We stopped by Athens again this time and it was exactly like I remember except it was about 25°C hotter. I don't think I've ever perspired so much. After two nights in a really cool hotel in the centre of Athens [Click here for pictures of cool hotel] we got a ferry to the island of Naxos where I did my PADI open water diver certification. Why do I have to pick such expensive hobbies?! I blame Finding Nemo. From Naxos we went to Mykonos (classy party island), Ios (studenty party island) and finally Crete (bit too close to The Inbetweeners movie than I would have liked). 
There is a lot to love about Greece. The weather, the food, the people, the history, the ruins, partying until 8am... Greeks are so laid back, everything can be done tomorrow. Let's just sit here and drink coffee for 4 hours. Mine's an Espresso Freddo. I love that. I miss that. 

Markets in Monastiraki

Espresso Freddo. So good.



Greek Salad

'Little Italy' in Mykonos

0 SPF???

Drunk people

Our scuba instructor Claire, James and me struggling with my fins!