Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pep in my Step

Three things have me in a good mood this weekend:

1) It's a bank holiday weekend and I have Tuesday off to boot so four day weekend baby!

2) The clocks go back tonight so I get an extra hour in bed tomorrow (very important).

3) I got paid.

I also have plenty to be excited about for November. There's my upcoming trip to London to see Lady Garden perform at King's Place on the 15th. I'm really looking forward to this trip because it's the first time I'm going to London alone and I won't have to do any of the touristy things. Not that the tourist attractions are boring, it's just that I've always gone to London with people who have never been before and end up doing the same things each time. At least this time I can do the things I want to do and visit the places I've never had time to before! It's all ME ME ME honey!
I have plans to meet up with Christos, a guy I know from my time in Athens. He lives in London and it's almost a ritual that I meet him whenever I'm in London. (This will be the fifth time in two years). I'll also be meeting Rachel, blogger extraordinaire CLICK HERE for her musings on life in London and the theatre, as well as some other lovely ladies for the Lady Garden gig. It's going to FABULOUS!

Thing 2 to be excited about is seeing Muse live in the O2 in Dublin on the 3rd. The tickets had arrived in the post and were waiting for me when I got home yesterday. Joy! This should be an amazing gig, I absolutely LOVE Muse! My uncle saw them live in Seattle a few years ago and he said it was an unbelievable show. Can't wait!

Another thing I wanted to jot down is my progress in driving since my last post. Well things are going swimmingly thanks for asking! I've had four more 'official' driving lessons taking my total to six (I have to take 12 driving lessons with an official driving instructor and wait six months from the time I got my learner's permit before I can sit my test- boo!). I've also driven a little bit with my friend James who graciously let me behind the wheel of his new Volvo C3 and just today I covered roundabouts (which are a bitch!) with my lovely patient father. I didn't even kill anyone. Not a SINGLE person! So that's good. Anyway, that's it for now. Modern Family season 2 isn't going to watch itself now is it?

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