Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 2- The meaning behind your blogger name

No applesauce for you....
This ridiculous name comes from watching the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (<sex). Craig often holds up a sign saying 'NO APPLAUSE' when he wants the audience to shut up. But of course this leads to more ecstatic applause and laughter. A clever ruse. Anyway, anyway, anyway, one night after showing this sign he joked that there's a guy in the front that's like "no applesauce? What the hell?". See, it's funny 'cause at a glance, one could argue that the sign looks like it says 'no applesauce'. That's the joke. 
Shit. I wish I'd skipped this question.
Look if you really care, here it is on Youtube. From 2:10-2:35.

In summary, my blogger name has no meaning whatsoever.

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