Sunday, November 18, 2012

London (PS I love you)

Simply put: I love London.

It is my favourite city (so far anyway). I'm just back from there, having taken a notion and booked a two-night stay for myself. Packed a decent amount into the trip. I saw a comedy gig called 'Lady Garden & Friends' at King's Place theatre where comedians and sketch acts trialled some new material. It was hysterical! I've seen Lady Garden twice before and they are always fantastic but I was really impressed with Irish comedienne Aisling Bea who I hadn't seen do stand-up before. She has some serious comedy chops. I may have a girl crush on her. There was also a group called 'Oyster Eyes' who were very funny and Cariad Lloyd did a parody of New Girl which was also really good.
I met some really nice people that night, went out for drinks after the gig, ended up in a gay nightclub (as you do) till 4am and then got a taxi back to my hotel in Kensington.
The next day I got up at around 11.30 (a full two hours later than I planned and a little worse for wear) and headed into town. I'd wanted to visit the Florence Nightingale museum beside St. Thomas' Hospital. It was worth a visit, quite an interesting place. I opted for the audio tour where they give you a stethoscope and you have to hold it up to the wall to hear information.  The stethoscope was a pain actually, it was sore to wear, I shouldn't have bothered.
For the rest of the day I just wandered around the city aimlessly killing time until the 7.30 showing of Wicked at the Apollo Theatre. This was a good show, the singing was phenomenal and it was funny too. I wish I hadn't been so tired during it!
So anyway I headed back to my hotel after the musical and got some shut eye. Didn't have much time to do anything on the Saturday but head to the airport. I just kept thinking 'I wish I'd booked to fly home on Sunday'.

Pretty Christmas lights

Lady Garden performing

'Thin Building' @ Thurloe Square

Got chatting to a Kiwi chap on my flight.
All Blacks passport! 

Me, Viv, Rachel, Myles, Phil and Sophie taking the picture.
Classy people.

Some things I learned on this, my fifth time in London:

- I am happy just walking around doing feck all in this city.
- The tube system is genius.
- I am  ATROCIOUS  at reading maps.

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