Saturday, April 28, 2012

This, that, that other thing.

Decided to update my blog because I can't think of anything else to do right now. I'm alone in my apartment, in between episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix, it's the Saturday evening of my long weekend, the sun is going down and it looks like the water activities in the quay outside have stopped for the day. There's this Viking Splash Tour that either starts or ends at Grand Canal Dock where I live, it's a sort of bus cum boat tour that visits notable places around the city traveling partly by road and partly in water. Passengers are mainly tourists/kids on a school tour who are invited to wear viking helmets and encouraged to shout angrily at passers-by. You know, viking style. I still kind of (really) want to go on this tour. 

Anyway, a bit about what's happening with me at the moment. Work is going ok. I'm working in general x-ray next week which would be fine except I'm still training in Nuc Med and would like to be there all the time if for nothing else but to get my cannulation numbers. I have 24 more to get for my logbook before the end of June, which is when the theory part of the course I did in college expires. Now this is totally doable provided I'm working in Nuc not General. I like cannulating but I'm still nervous doing them. Shaky hands! I'm told this is natural and I'll get over it with practice. Hope so. Last week I didn't secure the cap on cannula properly (ahem twice) and there was proper blood spillage. Oops. But then again two other patients told me I was good at it and they didn't feel a thing. Go figure. So I'll keep working on that. 

In other news, I just booked a PADI scuba diving course for this summer in the island of Naxos in Greece. It's a 4 day course which gets you certified to go on future dives anywhere in the world for cheaper. Me and my friend James are doing that and then another friend (also James!) is flying out to join us for the second week. We're going to visit a few Greek islands and have a jolly old time. I do love a holiday. 

Well that's pretty much all my news. Oh, was skiing in Andorra in February. That was an adrenaline and alcohol fueled week of madness. Won't go into it except to say it was a great trip and yes, more of that please! 

Now. There's a lasagne in the fridge that's not going to microwave itself. Toodles. 

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