Sunday, October 10, 2010

Faux Pas

The only thing funny about a faux pas is its pronunciation. I had (did? experienced? ) one yesterday. I was with two friends walking into Henry Street in Dublin for a spot of browsing. I say 'browsing' because we were far too hungover to actually get down to some serious shopping. Anyway, anyway, anyway, there was this guy at the corner standing on a plastic crate with a megaphone preaching about Jesus H. and how we should all accept him into our hearts and yadda yadda yadda. We (like every other passer-by) ignored him and went into a department store to sample perfumes and makeup and try on shoes and sunglasses. Basically, to be an annoyance to every salesperson in there because they, like we, knew weren't going to buy anything. Anyway, anyway, anyway, when we came out, we headed back in the direction of the aforementioned preacher man. While we were waiting for a green man to help us cross the road, I heard the megaphone again and said not quietly (and remember- still hungover) "Oh would he just give it a REST?" This garnered some dirty looks from people around me. I looked over to the man with the megaphone not realising that it was a completely different guy who was ranting about our national debt of E50 billion and calling for action. I'm such a twat.

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