Monday, September 20, 2010

Things I know

I haven't actually written much on this blog so far. I'm more the visual type so I automatically prefer pictures to text. But anyhooo....I thought I should write something. Because that's the point no? 
I've often heard writers say you should write about 'what you know'. Well, I'm fairly certain that 'what I know' is unlikely to inspire or even interest much. But then again, I find it hard to care. So here it goes. 

I know:

- How to take and interpret x-rays.
- How to make ass-kicking pancakes.
- A lot about comedy.
- How to draw cartoons.
- How to annoy my twin.
- What I'm having for dinner later.
- How to shoot and score free throws in basketball.
- How to navigate the subway systems of New York, London and Athens.
- How to avoid a fist fight.
- How to detect insincerity.
- How to edit videos.
- How to be a total slob and a neat-freak.
- How to switch efficiently from one to the other.
- That God doesn't exist.
- When to shut up.

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